COMPSAC Poster Session

Poster Session: Friday July 19, Marquette University
8:00am – 10:00 am

  1. Wenkai Guan (Marquette University), Milad Ghorbani Moghaddam (Marquette University) and Cristinel Ababei (Marquette University). Qin: A Deep Neural Network based Scheduler for Energy Optimization in Heterogeneous Datacenters.
  2. Danielle Olsen (Medical College of Wisconsin), Zeno Franco (Medical College of Wisconsin), Katinka Hooyer (Medical College of Wisconsin), Sheikh Iqbal Ahmmed (Marquette University), Nadiyah Johnson (Marquette University), Tanvier Roushan (Marquette University), Praveen Madiraju (Marquette University) and Kowser Patwary (Marquette University). Utilizing Arts Based Data Generation Techniques to Develop Socio-technical Anger Interventions in the Veteran Population .
  3. Krystal Manke (Milwaukee School of Engineering), Scott Emrich (University of Tennessee Knoxville) and Ronald Nowling (Milwaukee School of Engineering). Detecting and Localizing Inversions from SNPs.
  4. Matthew Aleck (Milwaukee School of Engineering) and Ronald Nowling (Milwaukee School of engineering). Exploring Mechanisms of Molecular Evolution and Their Representations in PCA.
  5. Shaoyan Pan (Milwaukee School of Engineering), Yahui Liang (Milwaukee School of Engineering) and Josiah Yoder (Milwaukee School of Engineering). Formal Elements of Artistic Style in Deep Style Networks.
  6. Subhash Rajapaksha Pathiranage (Marquette University) and Debbie Perouli (Marquette University). Social Robots: A New Challenge for Dependable Systems.
  7. Rezoan Shuvro (Marquette University), Pankaz Das (Marquette University), Majeed Hayat (Marquette University) and Joana Abreu (Eversource). Role of Grid-operators’ Performance on the Reliability of Smart-Grids during Cascading Failures.

Poster Session Chair

Satish Puri, Marquette University, USA

Susumu Takeuchi, NTT Labs, Japan

Local Arrangements Chair

Praveen Madiraju