J1/C2 Papers – COMPSAC 2019

[J1C2] Risk Assessment Methods for Cloud Computing Platforms
Tim Weil
(presenting in ITiP Session 3)

[J1C2] Employer Branding in the IT Industry: An Employer View
Amir Dabirian
(presenting in ITiP Session 3)

[J1C2] Transmuting Information to Knowledge with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
Jans Aasman
(presenting in ITiP Session 3)

[J1C2] Computer Vision Based Systems for Human Pupillary Behavior Evaluation: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Cleyton Silva, Cristhiane Gonçalves, Eduardo Nery, Joyce Siqueira, Fabrizzio Soares, Rodrogio Albernaz Bezerra, Hedenir Monteiro Pinheiro, Eduardo Nery Rossi Camillo, Augusto Paranhos Junior and Ronaldo da Costa
(presenting in SCH Session 1

[J1C2] An Extended Abstract of “Metamorphic Testing: Testing the Untestable”
Sergio Segura, Dave Towey, Zhi Quan Zhou and T.Y. Chen
(presenting in SETA Session 8)

[J1C2] Safety and Security Co-Analyses: A Systematic Literature Review
Elena Lisova, Irfan Sljivo and Aida Causevic
(presenting in SEPT Session 4)

Call for Papers

COMPSAC offers opportunities to recommend our best papers for inclusion in IEEE publications, and to encourage presentation of already published journal papers during the conference. These schemes, to be executed at the discretion of individual COMPSAC symposia and workshops chairs, are as follows:

C1/J2 – Conference First, Journal Second

Chairs may offer the authors of accepted papers opportunity for publication in an IEEE journal. In this C1J2 Scheme, a chair initiates the process to offer the paper(s), together with their COMPSAC reviews, for publication in an IEEE journal to the journal editor-in-chief (EIC). EICs may or may not use our reviews at their discretion, but may instead prefer to rely solely on their own reviewer communities. Such papers accepted by a journal for publication will appear in the COMPSAC proceeding as only an abstract accompanied by a note that the paper has been submitted to the journal for consideration for publication in that journal.  If the paper is accepted for publication, a link to it will be provided in the conference proceedings, thus providing conference participants access to that paper. The paper will still be registered for COMPSAC and must as well be presented during the conference.  If such a paper is not accepted by the journal, the paper will be later included in the conference electronic proceedings.

J1/C2 – Journal First, Conference Second

Submissions for J1C2 (Journal publication first, Conference presentation following) are based only upon peer-reviewed final papers already accepted for or published in an IEEE periodical after January, 2016.  A submission will consist of no more than 2-3 pages including 1) the title of the paper, the names and affiliations of all authors, and the IEEE publication in which the paper was published/accepted, 2) the date of publication/acceptance with a link to the paper if already published, 3) a copy of the final published or accepted paper and the final acceptance letter from the periodical’s Editor-in-Chief, 4) a brief summary of the key results and contributions of the published/accepted paper, and 5)  up to a 400-500 word description of new developments and/or future proposals beyond those in the original paper, to be presented at the conference.

When making the submission to the J1C2 Symposium indicate up to two other related Symposia that might consider the submission relevant. The submission will be lightly reviewed for suitability, scope, technical content and merit by the relevant program committees.  If accepted and presented at the conference, the conference proceedings will contain the submission and a link to the published paper so that conference participants have access to the paper upon which the submission is based.

J1C2/C1J2 Chairs

Atilla Elci, Aksaray University, Turkey
Email: atilla.elci@gmail.com

Vladimir Getov, Westminster University, UK
Email: V.S.Getov@westminster.ac.uk