2nd Annual Student OER Contest

Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of COMPSAC’s Second Annual Student OER Contest, organized by Professors Henry Chan and Edmundo Tovar.

  1. First Place Winner: Isabel Madeleine Kemp (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) for her OER: LZW Compression
  2. Runner Up: Neil Loftus and Cameron Green (Marshal University, USA) for their OER: The Cybersecurity Packet Control Simulator: CSPCS.

Anyone wishing to examine the submissions can find them documented in the MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Online Learning) OER digital library.

First Place receives an award of $500, and the Runner Up team receives $250. All members of both teams will have unlimited access to the full COMPSAC 2022 online program until the program is moved to IEEE Xplore and the Computer Society Digital Library.

Win up to $500 and free COMPSAC Conference Registration

The IEEE Computer Society’s Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), in cooperation with the IEEE Education Society, is pleased to announce COMPSAC’s second Annual Student OER Contest and invites undergraduate college/university student submissions.

OERs (Open Educational Resources) are Web-accessible entities that can be used by teachers to teach, or students to learn.  Submissions are open to undergraduate higher education students, working alone or in teams of up to 4, who have developed a Web-based OER that can be used for teaching or learning at the undergraduate college or university level of Computer Science or Information Technology.  OERs that qualify for this contest include materials that may have been developed for class projects, including animations, case studies, video presentations, simulations, tutorials, workshop and training materials, etc. Examples are (i) video presentation (e.g., a 10-minute video for teaching a computing topic), (ii) animation (e.g., an animation explaining a sorting algorithm), or (iii) website (e.g., a website for a computing-related tutorial). Please refer to the 2021 winning submissions at: for reference.

You and your team can win:

First Prize
$500/team + free conference registration
For every team member access to all presentations and papers ($450 value for each)

Second Prize
:$250/team + free access to all online presentations and papers
For every team member ($200 value for each)

Third Prize
$125/team + free access to all online plenary sessions
For every team member ($50 value for each)

Submissions must be directly available on the Web with a public URL – for example on SlideShare, YouTube, Instagram, institutional open online repositories, etc.

Submissions will be judged based on i) content quality, ii) ease of use, iii) teaching and/or learning effectiveness, and iv) the overall potential impact of the OER on Computer Science or Information Technology academic programs.

Last Date for Submission:  April 1, 2022 April 30, 2022
Notification of Winners: May 15, 2022

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Follow these instructions to register your OER submission and team members in the MERLOT System.

Step 2: Complete the Contest Registration Form. Information from the previous step is required to complete this form. (note: Chrome browser users will need to right click and “save file as”, or change your browser security permissions.)

Step 3: Submit the Contest Registration Form to EasyChair by clicking the link below.

Contest Rules & Regulations

Last Date for Submission:  April 1, 2022 April 30, 2022
Notification of Winners: May 15, 2022