Paolo Prinetto – The Big Game – The Italian Avenue of Attack to Cyberscurity Skill Shortage

Tuesday June 28

Presenting The Big Game: i.e., the Education and Training Chain developed and managed by the Cybersecurity National Lab. It targets both students of Italian High Schools and Universities and professors and it includes programs that range from the very first year of high school to post graduation. The programs CyberTrials, OliCyber, ChyberChallenge, TeamItaly, TeamEurope, and CyberHighSchools will be deeply analyzed. Data and experiences gathered on 6 years of in-field experience will be shared and discussed.

Roberto Saracco – Digital Twins Evolution

Thursday June 30

Digital Twins are a reality in the manufacturing world and are now being applied in a variety of other areas, including healthcare, smart cities, retail, infrastructures and plants virtualisation. They are now mostly used at stage III, mirroring and interacting in real time with their physical entity. A few example of usage at stage IV and V are also available and more and more can be expected in the coming years with a few examples of Digital Twins at stage VI by the end of this decade (fully autonomous, interacting among themselves and creating offsprings).

A crucial evolution expected in the coming years is the one of digital twins mirroring, flanking and acting on behalf of a person: Personal Digital Twins. Here again we are seeing the first examples in Healthcare and a growing interest for application in the education and knowledge management area: Cognitive Digital Twins.

The talk will address the various aspects of evolution and the implication on the way we work and we live.