ISAC 2024: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Interactive Systems, Affective Computing Technologies and Applications 

Call for Papers

 The goal of this workshop is to exchange the latest research and relevant information among researchers, engineers, and other participants on affective computing and human-computer interaction by looking at the coming future life. 

Workshop theme: 

Affective computing is an emerging research field that deals with emotions and verbal and nonverbal information. Recognizing and estimating the user’s current state such as emotion to allow computer systems can to predict what the user is thinking is a growing application of human-computer interaction research. This is an area that should naturally be considered when building future smart and interactive systems. 

Although affective computing is an interdisciplinary field that includes computer science, philosophy and cognitive psychology, this workshop will focus on the technology and its applications with an eye towards the future. Applications of affective computing include marketing (e.g., advertising), healthcare, automotive, smart appliances, and the robotics industry. These application areas are also related to research areas such as human-robot interaction and human-agent interaction. All are related to interactive systems and human-computer interaction. 

In this workshop we will discuss what should be taken into account when implementing smart systems with an eye towards the future. 

This includes the immediate recognition of the user’s situation and the ability of the system to anticipate it, as well as the ability of the system side to express emotional behavior in response to the user, thereby encouraging the user to change his/her behavior. 

This workshop invites a wide range of research on interactive system techniques and applications that deal with emotions and verbal and nonverbal information. 

Scope of the workshop: 

The scope of this special session is to discuss the application and future possibilities of human computer interaction to be used for emotions, verbal / nonverbal expression, and recognition. 

Expression and recognition of emotions includes facial expressions, emotional data from biometric data from sensors, body motions, gestures, verbal, and nonverbal data. 

Related fields of research include database of verbal / nonverbal expressions, recommender systems, persuasive systems, learning support systems, HCI (human computer interaction), HAI (human agent interaction), HRI (human robot interaction) or other fields, using emotion, verbal / nonverbal expression recognition. 

Application domains include health care, education, sports, serious and non-serious games, and entertainment. 

The topics of this special session include but are not limited to: 

  • Interactive systems / technique using emotional, verbal / non-verbal information 
  • Sensing and modeling of emotions 
  • Learning support systems using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Application of Advertisements using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Health care system using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Automotive System using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Smart appliances using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Human Robot Interaction applications using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Human Agent Interaction applications using emotional, verbal / nonverbal information 
  • Database on emotion, verbal / nonverbal information 

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Important Dates – Workshops

Workshop, Fast Abstract, SRS, JC  papers due
April 15, 2024  Extended to April 21

May 1, 2024

Camera Ready & Registration due
May 25, 2024

Workshop Chairs

Kaoru Sumi, Future University Hakodate
Email: kaoru.sumi[at] 

Kristiina Jokinen, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Email: kristiina.jokinen[at] 

Masayuki Numao, Osaka University

Thomas James Tiam-Lee, De La Salle University
Email: thomas.tiam-liee[at]

Program Committee

Kaoru Sumi, Future University Hakodate, Japan 

Kristiina Jokinen, AIST, Japan 

Masayuki Numao, Osaka University, Japan 

Thomas James Tiam-Lee, De La Salle University, Philippines 

Nitchan Jianwattanapaisarn, ATR Interaction Science Laboratories, Japan