COMPSAC 2024  Journal then Conference / Conference then Journal (JC/CJ)

The JC (Journal/Conference) program. Authors of papers published in a peer-reviewed journal (or accepted for publication) can present their plans for ongoing research based on the work described in that paper at this year’s COMPSAC. Authors must submit their published article (or its DOI) and a two-page description of their planned extension to the content of that paper. Use the JC process if you are a previous author and wish to seek comments and suggestions from conference attendees regarding your planned research extensions.

The CJ (Conference/Journal) program. This program was developed as a bonus for selected papers presented at this year’s COMPSAC. Conference organizers will select articles they believe worthy of publication in an IEEE journal. The selections will be forwarded to appropriate IEEE journal editors-in-chief (EIC), requesting that they consider the paper(s) for inclusion in their publication. Papers undergoing this process will not be included in the conference proceedings unless the journal rejects them. At that time, they will be retroactively included in the already-published proceedings. If the journal accepts them, a note will be inserted in the archived proceeding pointing to the journals as the locations of the published papers

JC/CJ Program Chair
Atilla Elci, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Türkiye


Important Dates – Workshops

Workshop, Fast Abstract, SRS, JC Notification
May 10, 2024 (updated)

Camera Ready & Registration due
May 25, 2024

Paper Templates

IEEE Paper templates are available in MS Word 2003 and LaTex. All submissions must use US 8.5×11 letter page format.

IEEE Conference Publishing Policies

All submissions must adhere to IEEE Conference Publishing Policies.

IEEE Cross Check

All submission will be screened for plagiarized material through the IEEE Cross Check portal.