COMPSAC 2024 Symposium on Human Computing & Social Computing (HCSC)

Computing technologies are embedded in every aspect of human life. The rapid development of computing technologies for addressing individual, social, and community needs has made them inseparable parts of human life. These interactions, including human interactions with each other and computing systems of any kind, are playing increasingly important roles.

We are excited about submissions in the HCSC symposium that push the boundaries in areas such as:

Next-Generation Human-Computer Interaction: Going beyond traditional interfaces to explore immersive and intuitive ways humans interact with digital systems.

AI and Human Collaboration: Unraveling the dynamics of human and AI agent interactions on social platforms and how this synergy can lead to unprecedented insights into behavior and social structures.

Sustainable ICT for Global Impact: How information and communication technologies are being leveraged for meaningful global development, focusing on sustainability and social impact.

Health and Wellness Through Wearable and Affective Technology: Cutting-edge research in wearable sensors, mobile, and affective technology that is actively improving health outcomes and personal well-being.

Ethical Frontiers in Technology: Addressing the emerging privacy, ethical, and legal challenges that arise as technology becomes more pervasive in our everyday lives.

The Social Computing Revolution: Examining how social computing is evolving from basic network interactions to complex, real-time event detection and response systems.

Innovative Human-centric Software Engineering: Showcasing software engineering approaches that place humans at the center, focusing on user experience, accessibility, and societal impact.

We welcome full papers (10 pages max) and short papers (6 pages max) emphasizing one or both topics of human-centric computing and social computing.

Important Dates – Symposia

Full papers due: January 31, 2024 EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 28, 2024
Paper notification April 14, 2024 (Updated)
Camera ready copy: May 25, 2024

Paper Templates

IEEE Paper templates are available in MS Word 2003 and LaTex. All submissions must use US 8.5×11 letter page format.

IEEE Conference Publishing Policies

All submissions must adhere to IEEE Conference Publishing Policies.

IEEE Cross Check

All submission will be screened for plagiarized material through the IEEE Cross Check portal.

HCSC Symposium Chairs

Katsunori Oyama (Nihon University)
Email: oyama.katsunori[at]

Shameem Ahmed (Western Washington University)
Email: shaheem.ahmed[at]

Hua Ming (Oakland University)
Email: ming[at]

Program Committee

Mu-Chun Su, National Central University
Tatsuya Yamazaki, Niigata University
Hideyuki Takahashi, Tohoku Gakuin University
Tanvir Irfan Chowdhury, Marshall University
Atsushi Inoue, Eastern Washington University