eHealth-IoT  2024: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on e-Health Systems & IoT Technologies

Call for Papers

This workshop aims to promote discussion about one of the hottest topics in the last years, such as the IoT applied to the healthcare domain. In recent years, in fact, new technologies and solutions have been studied by researchers, thanks, in part to the sprint received by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the present workshop aims to promote discussion around such proposals to encourage the sharing of both ideas and collaborations in the field. 

Workshop theme: 

In recent years, the interest of the research community in integrating digital technologies into the healthcare domain is growing. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are becoming day by day more prevalent in this domain thanks to the possibility they offer to monitor patients’ health status in real-time and remotely. 

In addition, the global initiatives towards the sustainable economy and the needs emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic have additionally played a crucial role in accelerating this process by promoting, for instance, the home-based healthcare that has helped governments to retain beds for more seriously ill patients in hospitals. To this aim, new opportunities have arisen, and different researchers are experimenting innovative solutions, such as monitoring healthy people to prevent future illness or reducing hospitalizations in cases of less risky diseases. 

During this workshop, we will shed some light on cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research, as well as commercial solutions in the field of healthcare and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). We will discuss emerging technologies and issues in this field promoting the design of sustainable solutions for the sector, such as innovative and secure architectures, systems for chronic diseases, home-based assistance, AI-based architectures, edge computing solutions, edge intelligence techniques, and Distributed Ledger Technologies applications with the aim of highlighting the new trends and the opportunities that the domain has brought in last years. 

Scope of the workshop: 

Researchers and practitioners all over the world, from both academia and industry, working in the areas of healthcare, human well-being and medical things are invited to discuss state of the art solutions, novel issues, recent developments, applications, methodologies, techniques, experience reports, and tools for the development and use of secure service oriented systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

  • Innovative, secure and sustainable healthcare architectures 
  • Innovative and sustainable healthcare systems for chronic diseases 
  • Home-based healthcare assistance 
  • Pervasive, distributed and/or local AI techniques for efficient healthcare systems 
  • Distributed AI-based architectures for the exploitation of AI power at the edge 
  • Energy efficient design and development of healthcare systems and devices 
  • Edge and fog computing for Healthcare-enabled systems and applications 
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) applied for enhancing the Healthcare domain 
  • Security and privacy in the Healthcare domain 
  • Mental healthcare enhanced by the IoT domain 

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Important Dates – Workshops

Workshop, Fast Abstract, SRS, JC  papers due
April 15, 2024  Extended to April 21

May 1, 2024

Camera Ready & Registration due
May 25, 2024

Workshop Chairs

Teodoro Montanaro , Università del Salento, Italy
Email: teodoro.montanaro[at] 

Ilaria Sergi, Università del Salento, Italy
Email: ilaria.sergi[at] 

Program Committee

To be confirmed:

Pietro Ferraro, Imperial College of London, UK 

Angela Tafadzwa Shumba, Università del Salento, Italy 

Luigi Patrono, Università del Salento, Italy 

Cosimo Distante, CNR-ISASI, Italy 

Aitor Almeida, University of Deusto, Spain 

Petar Solic, University of Split, Spain 

Gabriele Ponzi, INMATICA S.p.A., Italy 

Fabrizio Fiorini, INMATICA S.p.A., Italy 

Vincenzo Reccia, GEMATICA S.r.l. , Italy 

Marco Leo, CNR-ISASI, Italy 

Luca Mainetti, University of Salento, Italy 

Nicola Fiore, LifeWatch, Italy