DICAR 2024: The1st IEEE International Workshop on Digital Cardiology

Call for Papers

Digital cardiology is a new scientific and applied direction in medicine, that has rapidly evolved in recent years. Today it keeps bringing in an increasing number of specialists from IT, cardiology and functional diagnostics.

The emergence of new technologies for storing large amounts of information about health helps provide access to them in the most remote corners of the planet. Along with developing new technologies for processing large amounts of data, it brings new prospects for the early detection of cardiac diseases. This is particularly important for the timely treatment of serious diseases, which often have a prolonged latent period.

New approaches related to artificial intelligence technologies facilitate the collection of medical exam results and their complex processing, as well as human-machine interaction between the doctor and artificial intelligence systems. It allows us to hope for a wide distribution of new achievements in practical cardiology.

Effective development of digital medicine in cardiology is possible only through an interdisciplinary approach, with digital platforms serving as a basis for supporting innovative medical projects. Only joint interdisciplinary work between IT and cardiologists can ensure the quality of digital transformation in medicine. It implies
implementing a fundamentally new approach based on analyzing medical data from different sources using advanced artificial intelligence methods rather than a simple automation of various processes.

Papers emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of Digital cardiology are welcome, primarily related to the use of methods for processing and analyzing large volumes of medical data to increase the accessibility of medical care for patients and to create auxiliary tools that simplify the work of doctors.
Scope of the workshop:
Researchers and practitioners all over the world, from both academia and industry, working in the areas of Digital Cardiology are invited to discuss state-of-the-art solutions, novel issues, recent developments, applications, methodologies, and techniques. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • working with big data in cardiology and functional diagnostics;
  • key challenges of digitalization in cardiology;
  • main challenges of healthcare digitalization applied to big data in cardiology;
  • application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve medical problems and support medical decisions in cardiology and functional diagnostics;
    certification of medical devices with machine learning elements;
  • ECG and echocardiography annotation;
  • building data workflow between technical and medical institutions;
  • other digital medicine issues.

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Important Dates – Workshops

Workshop, Fast Abstract, SRS, JC  papers due
April 15, 2024  Extended to April 21

May 1, 2024

Camera Ready & Registration due
May 25, 2024

Workshop Chairs

Arutyun Avetisyan
Institute for System  Programming, Russia

Philip Kopylov
Institute of Personalized Cardiology, Russia

Program Committee

Mikhail Ivanchenko, Lobachevsky University, Russia

Bozidar Radenkovic, Belgrade University, Serbia

Sevak Sargsyan, Russian-Armenian University, Armenia

Alexey Zaikin, University College, London, UK