ESAS 2024: The 19th IEEE International Workshop on e-Health Systems & Web Technologies

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit original technical papers and novel research contributions in any aspect of the following topics and covering but not limited to the topics of interest listed below: 

Track 1: Smart health and applications (e-Health) 

Health management and analytics; big data; IoT and IoE for healthcare; IoT medical devices; electronic health records; knowledge management; machine learning; data mining; text mining; social media apps and services; clinical decision support systems; expert systems; software architectures for healthcare; semantic web technologies; biomedical software solutions; health informatics; modeling of health services; security, privacy and protection of personal health data; wearable devices; telecare and telehealth; home monitoring systems; advanced computing techniques; active and healthy aging; blockchain; IoT, fog & cloud computing; wireless body area sensor networks; energy efficiency and communication in IoT devices.

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence, Web Technologies, and Data (AIWD) 

Data science and machine learning (ML) models and applications; ML-based schema matching, instance matching, search, and retrieval; data mining and applications; deep learning and applications; big data analytics and applications; information retrieval and applications; linked data; data-driven services and applications; semantic web, ontology, and web services; data management and analytics; cyber-physical systems; smart distributed systems, edge computing, and streaming data analysis; multi-agent systems; other smart applications and solutions (e.g. smart city, smart home, so on ).

Track 3: “Generative pre-trained transformer models in e-Health, Web, and Recommendation Systems (GenLLM)”

Methods and applications of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Amazon, Google, DeepMind and others in health care domain (e.g., psychotherapy, elderly care, protein synthesis, health education, machine-assisted surgery, virtual health support, accurate diagnosis, etc.); advanced model architectures for LLMs; federated learning for LLMs; LLMs on chat-bots, content generation, feedback systems, etc.; natural language understanding and generation tasks using LLMs (e.g., storytelling, marketing, copywriting, etc.); LLMs for recommendation systems and solutions; LLMs in information management and filtering; LLMs on social networks; LLMs on recommender systems; context-aware recommenders;  LLMs on human decision making solutions and applications; case studies of generative AI; collaborative decision-making frameworks.

Journal and Book Publications

A sequel is being proposed to the successful ESAS Workshops Series (2006 – 2022) of the COMPSAC conferences.

Past ESAS journal special issues and book publications include the following:

  • A special issue of the best papers of ESAS 2006 was published with An International Journal, IOS Press, ISSN 1574-1702; Volume 4, Number 3, 2008, pp: 293-346.
  • The authors of the papers accepted at ESAS 2007 and ESAS 2008 were invited to submit extended versions of their papers for publication in the special issue on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems of Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. Vol 28, No. 5, 2011, pp: 410-487.
  • The authors of ESAS 2009/10 were invited to submit an extended and revised version of their papers for publication in an edited volume titled Semantic Agent Systems: Foundations and Applications by Springer-Verlag. The book has been published (
  • The submissions of the ESAS special issue topic of “e-Health and Staying Smarter” for the Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering (IF 1.505) resulted actually in the following two SIs and additional three regular papers in the February issue of 2020: (

Likewise, a book project for the current and past ESAS papers is likely to be offered; more to follow.

Paper Templates

IEEE Paper templates are available in MS Word 2003 and LaTex. All submissions must use US 8.5×11 letter page format.

IEEE Conference Publishing Policies

All submissions must adhere to IEEE Conference Publishing Policies.

IEEE Cross Check

All submission will be screened for plagiarized material through the IEEE Cross Check portal.

Important Dates – Workshops

Workshop, Fast Abstract, SRS, JC  papers due
April 15, 2024  Extended to April 21

May 1, 2024

Camera Ready & Registration due
May 25, 2024

Workshop Chairs

Atilla Elci, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Faculty of Engineering, Turkey
Email: atilla.elci[at]

Duygu Celik Ertuğrul, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Engineering, Mersin-10, Turkey
Email: duygucelik[at] & duygu.celik[at]

Program Committee

Alex Abramovich, Adyghe State University, Maykop, Russia

Amir Hossein Nabizadeh, Universidade do Porto, Department of Computer Science.

Atilla Elci, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey

Basak Buluz Komecoglu, Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli, Turkey

Duygu Celik Ertugrul, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Edelberto Franko, Taormina (Messina), Italy

Erdogan Dogdu, Angelo State University, Texas, USA

Laurentiu Vasiliu, Peracton Ltd., Ireland

Mehmet Emin Aydin, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Bristol, UK

Melike Sah Direkoglu, Cyprus International University, North Cyprus

Metin Zontul, Ayvansaray University, Turkey

Murat Osman Unalir, Egean University, Turkey

Okan Bursa, Egean University, Turkey

Onsen Toygar, Eastern Mediterranean University, Computer Engineering Department.

Ovunc Ozturk, Celal Bayar University, Turkey

Ozgu Can, Agean University, Turkey

Rani Hemamalini, St. Peters College of Engineering and Technology, ECE, India.

Riza Cenk Erdur, Agean University, Turkey

Stelvio Cimato, University of Milan, Department of Computer Science, Milano, Italy

Tugba Ozacar Ozturk, Celal Bayar University, Turkey

Vijayan Sugumaran, Oakland University, USA

Vito Walter Anelli, Information Systems Research Group, Department of Electrical & Information Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy.

Yiltan Bitirim, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Zeki Bayram, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Zeki Bayram, eastern Mediterranean University, North Campus