IEESD 2020: The 10th IEEE International Workshop on Industrial Experience in Embedded Systems Design

Call for Papers

Goal of the workshop:

The diversity of different industrial systems, their complexity, and especially the vast number of tools, libraries, and methods for their development brought special requirements to computer science as a profession. Starting with the education phase up to the daily engineering life in the industry, life-long learning with short knowledge renewal times is the permanent companion in the computer science domain. The broad range of simple command-line applications, large and distributed cloud systems, up to the new machine learning systems, further increasing the diversity of the current state of the art embedded systems and the demand for changed and specialized life-long, intelligent learning environments and novel online education approaches.

The technical challenges of the development of the above mentioned systems, or system of systems, brought yet another level of complexity to the development task. Thus, the design and development of large industrial embedded systems reached a new level of complexity, which will be elaborated in this workshop.

Workshop theme:

The theme of this workshop is to gather the current requirements of large industrial systems continuously.

The systems itself with their internal structure, the requirements, and their models are of interest. Based on this, the requirements towards the education of young professionals and engineers in the different phases of their working life will be addressed in the workshop. We need to analyze these requirements, their implementation, and their possible abstractions towards new technologies and their impact on the required skills for current and future computer science employees in the industrial embedded systems domain.

Different beneficial approaches for assessing and modeling such industrial systems are needed and will foster the application and further development of scientific approaches in the domain of embedded smart systems and intelligent online learning environments.

Scope of the workshop:

Papers are expected to cover (non-restrictively) one or more of the following topics:

  • Adaptable, Evolvable Software and Hardware Architectures, Execution Models and Runtime Platforms
  • Novel approaches and experiences with existing approaches of efficient online learning for embedded industrial engineers.
  • The diversity of industrial embedded systems
  • Experience reports with embedded systems out of different domains
  • Model-Driven Development for smart embedded systems
  • Software Architectures for and testing od complex embedded systems
  • Development Methods, Processes and Tools for complex embedded Systems
  • Coupling of Devices and Enterprise Applications

Likely participants: Researchers and practitioners in the area of autonomous embedded technical systems, their development, analysis, maintenance, management.

Submission deadline date extended to May 1, 2020

Workshop Chairs

Detlef Streitferdt, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany

Tiberiu Seceleanu, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

Philipp Nenninger, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany