CDS 2020: The 8th IEEE International Workshop on Consumer Devices & Systems

Call for Papers

Goal of the workshop:

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art, research and development in the area of consumer devices and systems, and to promote the study of both fundamental and practical aspects of such devices and systems. The workshop addresses researchers from different disciplines in academia and industry, as well as practitioners, who share interests in consumer devices and systems. The focus will be on novel consumer devices and systems, experiences drawn from development of such devices and systems, and emerging technologies for such devices and systems.

Workshop theme:

Consumer devices, systems and services have been smarter than before rapidly. Such systems include AV devices, home appliances, mobile phones, home gateways, healthcare devices, wearable devices, robots, drones, car-navigation systems, and other devices so called IoT (Internet of Things). Such systems have computing and communication functions, and communicate with each other. Networks for consumer devices are also emerging rapidly. However, such networks suffer from incompatibility in many cases. Integrated architecture, protocols and middleware for consumer networks are required for advanced consumer systems, which include home energy management systems (HEMS), digital healthcare, home security, home entertainment, social network service, smart service for the handicapped, and so on. Recently, much attention has been paid to smart home and smart city, and cloud/edge computing supports such applications. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present research results in this areas.

Scope of the workshop:

Any submission whose content is relevant to the area of consumer devices and systems will be considered, but any submission whose subject matter is related to one of the following topics will be particularly welcome:

  • Smart Consumer Devices (e.g. Smart Phone, Smart TV, Home GW, Wearable Device)
  • Novel Architecture, Algorithms, Protocols and Middleware for Consumer Services and Networks
  • Novel Systems and Applications for Consumer Devices
  • Smart Home and Smart City
  • Energy Management (e.g. HEMS/BEMS, Smart Grid)
  • Mobile Computing and Pervasive Systems
  • Sensor Networks
  • Security, Privacy and Management Issues for Consumer Devices, Systems and Services
  • M2M Communications for Consumer Devices and Networks
  • V2V Devices
  • 5G
  • Timely/real-time Utilization of Massive Information Flows which IoT devices and Cyber-Physical Systems Generate
  • Social Network Services for Consumer Devices and Systems
  • Emerging Technologies for Consumer Devices and Systems (e.g. Cloud/Edge Computing, 5G networks)

Likely participants: Researchers from different disciplines in academia and industry, as well as practitioners, who share interests in consumer devices and systems, are called to participate and exchange ideas and techniques.

Submission deadline date extended to May 1, 2020

Workshop Chairs

Ryozo Kiyohara, Professor, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Toru Kobayashi,Professor, Nagasaki University, Japan

Yasuo Okabe, Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Atsushi Tagami, Senior Manager, KDDI Research, Inc., Japan