COMPSAC 2021 Keynotes

IEEE in an Internet Dominated World

Susan K. (Kathy) Land, 2021 IEEE President & CEO

As we look back on what has been a paradigm-shift as Government mobility restrictions and industry regulations required businesses to move completely or partially online and a global workforce embraced work-from-home on a scale never before attempted. The challenges and changes we have witnessed around the world confirm that the work of computing professionals will continue to be in high demand and have great impact. Read More…

Safety and Resiliency Challenges for Highly Autonomous Intelligent Systems

Cecilia Metra, University of Bologna (Italy), IEEE Computer Society Past-President

Since autonomous intelligent systems are in a closed collaboration with human beings and/or the health of human beings may depend on their operation, the need to guarantee their functional safety and resiliency with respect to hazardous conditions emerges. Enabling to increase the autonomy level of such intelligent systems, thus moving towards a smarter world, mandates to satisfy stronger requirements in terms of their functional safety and resiliency. Read More…

Envisioning the Future of Software Engineering

Forrest Shull, Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, 2021 IEEE Computer Society President

The world’s dependence on software became very visible earlier this year when millions suddenly joined the ranks of remote workers as companies closed their doors in reaction to Covid 19. Software gained the spotlight as many scrambled to determine what could and could not be done virtually, yet our reliance on software has been deeply rooted—and growing at an increasingly rapid rate—for many years. Today, software is clearly ubiquitous—improving our lives every day, driving efficiency and productivity, increasing competitiveness and innovation, providing new jobs and upward mobility for millions of people, and is vital to implementing aspects of national security. Read More…